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Tips: Extract brewing

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Don't use extract packages only

Submitted by: Rob on May 15th, 2002

While you can certainly make a good batch of beer using only an extract kit, the quality of your homebrew will improve by using unhopped light malt extracts, specialty grains to add flavors and color, and fresh hops. Also, by buying ingredients separately, you'll get a chance to smell and taste each component that goes into your beer -- a good learning experience to help enhance your recipe formulation or tweaking skills.


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Re: Don't use extract packages only Oct 11th 2003, 11:08 pm
By using small amounts of specialty grains and witnessing the results of small-scale mashing, it also helps you to get ready for all-grain brewing later on in your brewing life. It is also more possible to give your beers more complex hop profiles by adding your own hops according to schedules YOU determine or may find in a good recipe.
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