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Double check your hydrometer

Submitted by: Anonymous on March 08th, 2006

Your hydrometer may consistently read too high or too low. You can find out whether it does by checking it against tap water. Take the gravity of some plain old tap water and don't forget to apply a temperature adjustment. Your hydrometer should read 1.000 for neutral water.

If your hydrometer reads correctly, you're set.

If your hydrometer reads too high or too low, you do not need a new one, but you do need to subtract the difference between what your hydrometer reads for neutral water and 1 whenever you take a gravity reading. For example, if your hydrometer reads 1.004 for water, whenever you take a reading you need to subtract .004 from the reading.


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Re: Double check your hydrometer Apr 10th 2006, 01:23 am
you've got it right for calibration at onoe temperature, but you might want to check its linearity. You can do this by checking a sample at a high temperature (85degF) and then the same sample at cool temperature (58degF). The difference in the two readings should be the same as the correction factor for the to temps given by the maker of the hydrometer.
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