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Tips: All grain brewing

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Keep it simple

Submitted by: Anonymous on January 16th, 2006

If you going to brew your first ALL GRAIN keep things simple and sit down and think about your procedure before you start to brew and get everything ready,keep grain simple,like one type and single batch,single mash,there many good English bitters(ales)brewed with single/grain/hops/mash/batch.Temperature is very critical,don't forget the temperature drop from the HLT to the MASH TUN,MASH TUN absorbs the temperature so does the grain,unless you have RIMS to reheat the mash(lucky for a first time all grain).If you get stuck and don't understand ....ASK ME..or someone else with much more experience than me(im a novice compared to some)There is alway help at hand on this group.Regards Richard(bopper)


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Re: Keep it simple Mar 18th 2006, 06:16 pm
Dont start your brew day with a beer. This Ive found has been the cause of more problems then most anything else. Late process steps are the most important, hops and sterile needs, have the most effect on taste. If your not paying attention to these details..... I write from experiance on both home and professional levels. The old saying "Relax have a homebrew(after your cleaned up)" is a good motto!!!!
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