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Electric Kettle for various tasks

Submitted by: Mike Copeland on December 12th, 2005

I use an electric kettle for various sanitizing tasks.
1.) I use it to pour water across/through items like funnels just before i need to use them
2.) After bringing the water to a boil I will let it cool a bit, and will pour this water into my airlock. It's still hot
enough that it will kill bacteria (160+), but not so hot that it might melt the plastic airlock.

What's nice about using the kettles: quick boil time, sealed/closed system, and easy to pour.

I have one similar to this

But you can get them cheaper


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Re: Electric Kettle for various tasks Dec 12th 2005, 08:13 pm
Oops..I thought I put this in the "Sanitizing" section.
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