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Tips: Cooling

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Ice Packs and Immersion Chillers

Submitted by: me! on October 02nd, 2005

You know those ice packs that get shipped with your yeast? I used to toss them out till I relaized I could use them for something else. Take em and stick them somewhere out of the way. The same day you do your yeast starter, throw the ice packs in the freezer. On brewing day, toss the forzen packs into your cold water bucket (if you're using a 2 stage chiller). They last longer than ice and are re-useable ;)


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Re: Ice Packs and Immersion Chillers Oct 7th 2005, 03:03 pm
I also take 2 liter or smaller soda bottles and use those for ice, they last a long time and also are reuseable
Comment by: zerget reply to comment
Re: Ice Packs and Immersion Chillers Nov 20th 2005, 06:13 pm
I tryed the ice packs and only after thawed did I find a pin hole in one of them it makes the wort taste funny and I don't know if that stuff is toxic but I didn't take a chance
Comment by: unionvalleykent reply to comment