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Tips: Bottling

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Quality Control/Brew Progress

Submitted by: Anonymous on March 03rd, 2005

I have some clear, Grolsch Dark bottles. They are the regular, crown-cap type.

This allows me to see the degree that the beer is settling, its clarity, color, and progress while the bottles condition.


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Re: Quality Control/Brew Progress Apr 8th 2005, 02:05 pm
Keep them out of the sun then! Clear glass doesn't provide the protection you get from brown bottles.
Comment by: Robson reply to comment
Re: Quality Control/Brew Progress Apr 14th 2005, 03:04 pm
Yeah I usually do one or two out of a whole case
Comment by: xcjetta reply to comment
Re: Quality Control/Brew Progress Apr 23rd 2005, 04:01 pm
I do the same thing. I use the Grolsh summer brew bottles or Coronas. I like to watch the progression of the clarifying and the change in color. I do at least a couple bottles each batch and those are usually the first ones to get drank.
Comment by: mario reply to comment