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Automatic dishwashing soap as cleaner

Submitted by: St Louis wine and beer making on February 13th, 2005

I use unsented automatic dishwashing soap as a cleaner. Placed into a dirty carboy with hot water it cleans itself. It rinses clean with no taste or residue. Have not had any problems with de- passification of stainless. Cost is good.


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Re: Automatic dishwashing soap as cleaner May 23rd 2005, 06:49 am
Just like to pass on that I **HAVE** had depassification of stainless using dishwashing detergent. Maybe I was using too much so I have backed off...remember it **DOES HAVE BLEACH** and we all know stainless does not like bleach.
I had a keg up where the lid goes spring a pinhole leak because cold water does not rinse residual detergent off...okay I got lazy and saw the deposits and figured I'd get to them later....now I have started scrubbing off the deposits with a scotchbrite and bar keepers friend. Also,I had previously used cold water to dissolve the detergent...it works okay **IN THE KEG** but when the overspill goes over the opening...just rinsing with cold water after putting the lid on does not thoughorly rinse the residual detergent off. To remedy this situation, I now use straight hot water to dissolve the detergent in the kegs and then rinse them off after they are capped and I've found no residual alkaline deposits that could eat at the stainless and cause problems. The way I did this was to put a Y feed on the hot water spigot going to my washer in the garage. I just use a Quick Disconnect to a hose that I run out to my brewery to clean the kegs. If you decide to use this method, make sure you use a plastic hose nozzle so as not to burn your hands as a metal hose nozzle is a great heat transferrer. I know this was long but, I hope this helps...any questions drop me an e-mail.
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Re: Automatic dishwashing soap as cleaner Sep 2nd 2005, 03:43 pm
Just remeber, using too much detergent cause etching in glasess, it can so the same to your carboy.. An I would imagine that it woud affect stainless too.
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Re: Automatic dishwashing soap as cleaner Feb 5th 2006, 07:44 pm
u like your soap dont you
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Re: Automatic dishwashing soap as cleaner Feb 5th 2006, 07:43 pm
wow thats nice isnt it
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Re: Automatic dishwashing soap as cleaner Jun 25th 2006, 07:09 pm
I use PBW for cleaning now (which is expensive), but prior to that I used TSP (tri-sodium phosphate), which I believe is (or used to be) the main ingredient in automatic dishwashing detergent. Using TSP gives you the benefits of dishwashing detergent without having the bleach and other additives (which, at least in my experience, leave a chalky residue). You can get pure TSP at Home Depot or at paint stores (painters use it for washing surfaces prior to painting). You need to rinse it well, but it works great. Takes labels off of beer bottles very nicely too. I have also had white residue problems with Oxiclean (even modest amounts like 1 scoop to 5 gallons in very hot water). Others will say this hasn't been a problem for them--maybe its something about my water. I think PBW is the best if you can afford it.
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