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Tips: Sanitation

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Chemicals Shattering plastic

Submitted by: Personal Experience on February 19th, 2004

I discovered that racking canes and commercial ethyl alcohol (containing acetone, denatonium benzoate, methyl isobutyl ketone and water) do not mix. One of the chemicals (I'm thinking either the acetone or the benzoate) destroyed the structural integrity of the plastic and resulted in a shattered cane. Be advised.


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Re: Chemicals Shattering plastic Feb 27th 2004, 08:13 pm
The use of 99% isopropyl alcohol has the same effect. The cane cracks just like a windshield in a car.
Comment by: martin reply to comment
Re: Chemicals Shattering plastic Mar 10th 2004, 10:46 pm
Undiluted methyl and isopropyl alcohols are very corrosive. Plastic and rubber deteriorate very rapidly in their presence. All alcohol, even Ethyl alcohol, is fairly corrosive. That's why alcohol makes such a poor fuel for standard car engines. It burns fine, but destroys gaskets and seals prematurely. I don't even think they make blended gasoline anymore.
Comment by: Kenyth reply to comment
Re: Chemicals Shattering plastic Jan 15th 2006, 05:16 pm
I have been making wine for a few years now and I have to replace my clear plastic siphon pump every couple years because it gets those spider cracks in it everywhere. Most of my wines are pretty big at anywhere between 13 and 16% and I guess that is enough to crack the plastic.
Comment by: JD reply to comment