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Tips: Sanitation

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Submitted by: Anonymous on October 10th, 2003

Don't forget through the brewing process to keep you hands sanitized.


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Re: Sanitation Oct 15th 2003, 03:30 pm
Sanitation _is_ important, but only post boil...until then, just keep the big chunks of crud out of your wort!
Comment by: DConn reply to comment
Re: Sanitation Oct 24th 2003, 09:42 pm
With regards to sanitation, I where sanitized surgical gloves when filling bottles and kegs.. I also use star-san and Iodophor... Never have any problems. I do clean my wort chiller a little more after cooling, and sanitize it with Star-san. Call me a little cautious, but it works for me. My dishwasher at pots and pan settings is great for bottles. I add 1 1/2 oz of bleach at the first cycle in the water and then the bottles are spotless and clean.. The heat of the final cycle does it all.. NEVER add detergent... My small carboys fit too if i take out the top rack..
Comment by: matroxrunner reply to comment
Re: Sanitation Dec 4th 2003, 05:29 am
When you say "NEVER add detergent" do you mean dishwasher detergent?
Comment by: Beerzy reply to comment
Re: Sanitation Aug 30th 2005, 03:26 am
yeah it is abrasive
Comment by: Anonymous Brewer reply to comment
Re: Sanitation Jan 31st 2004, 11:46 pm
I keep a 6.5 gallon bucket of each - clean water, PBW solution and Iodophor solution - at the ready on brew day. After shut-down, everything that touches the wort gets cleaned, rinsed and sanitized. This is especially important from my food grade plastic spoon I use to whirlpool with after the chiller has done its work. I also "sanitize" my hands when handling trasfer tubing when transferring cooled wort into the bottom of the carboys or between primary / secondary carboys and priming buckets as I usually touch the end that makes contact with the rising wort in the receiving container.
Comment by: RKennedy reply to comment