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Tips: Cooling

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extract cooling without a wort cooler

Submitted by: jim barnaba on September 01st, 2003

after the boil is completed take the pot of hot wort and put it into a sink full of ice water for 20 minutes. Replace the ice as needed.Then add it to the fermenter and top off with cold water to get 5 gallons.your wort should be at about 70 degrees after adding the cold water.Perfect temp for pitching yeast.


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Re: extract cooling without a wort cooler Oct 12th 2003, 11:00 pm
I've used this method to good effect, with the added step of putting the 1-gallon jugs of water in the freezer until they're almost ready to start freezing, then pouring them into the carboy. I use distilled water and add salts for brewing, so the gallon jugs are handy to cool down. I've been able to dump the wort in within about 10 minutes using this method, and the temp is at 70 right away.
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Re: extract cooling without a wort cooler Apr 8th 2004, 07:08 pm
This method was told to me by the local homebrew shop.
Freeze a 1 gal milk jug with water. Cut the frozen water out of the jug and plop it into the fermenter. Pour the hot wort over the block of ice and top off the fermenter with cold water to 5 gal. This method has worked for me.
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Re: extract cooling without a wort cooler Dec 5th 2004, 03:12 pm
If you're using a glass carboy, you need to be careful you're not subjecting it to wild swings in temperature or you can crack your carboy. This has happened to me at least once, so make sure your wort is reasonably cool before adding it to the carboy.
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Re: extract cooling without a wort cooler Feb 1st 2005, 07:15 pm
While the wort is in the bath of Ice water keep it in motion by turning clockwise then counter clockwise back and forth back and forth. Kind of like in the movies when you see a waiter trying to cool off a bottle of Champaign in a tray if ice. I had the wort cooled off in 10 minutes. Added to the carboy which had water from a half frozen 2 liter bottle and some cold tap water. When I took a temp of the 5.5 gallons I had a temp of 60 degrees! A bit to cold if you are using an Ale yeast.
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Re: extract cooling without a wort cooler Feb 10th 2005, 12:26 am
In cooler weather, we took the wort in the pot, and sprayed the bottom of the pot as it sat on the concrete, and stirred the wort to help dissipate heat. About 10 mins of this, and it was ready to pitch yeast.
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Re: extract cooling without a wort cooler May 16th 2005, 09:27 pm
Yet another idea....Seal off the carboy and throw it in the shower (on cold, and you know someone would've done it). It works, as long as you don't care about water bills.
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Re: extract cooling without a wort cooler Jul 19th 2005, 03:36 pm
I've tried this to good effect:

- Fill a big cooler with a bunch of ice and fill with water just to the top of the ice.
- Add several cups of plain salt. This will lower the freezing temp of the water and your ice bath temp will drop below 32 dg.
- Siphon your hot wort through about 20-30 feet of tubing. Place the extra tubing in the ice bath in the cooler.
- Use this technique with some cool water in the carboy, and your wort will be almost at pitching temp in the time it takes to siphon. And you didn't have to spend $100 on a counterflow chiller!

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Re: extract cooling without a wort cooler Jan 23rd 2006, 09:24 pm
Try using a bag of ice from the store and enough water to bring the wort up to its proper volume. The ice is purified and filtered then treated with ultra violet light to sterilize it. Works great and involves much less effort...
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