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Vacuum Sealer

Submitted by: 40 Helens Agree on August 22nd, 2003

If you don't already have one and have a bit of money to spend, I highly recommend a vacuum sealer. I buy hops by the lb and 500g bricks of DCL yeast, both of which package up really nice in smaller amounts with a good sealer like Foodsaver (http://www.tilia.com/).

I and 3 or 4 guys in our club have them and every single wife absolutely loved it! Very useful in the kitchen in general.


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Re: Vacuum Sealer Aug 26th 2003, 08:10 pm
Have you had good luck breaking up and repackaging the yeast? No contaminations? Able to keep it dry? I've been lusting after some of those DCL yeasts that only come in 500 gr. bricks, but the thought of repackaging put me off.
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Re: Vacuum Sealer Oct 20th 2003, 02:19 pm
Yup, no problems at all with the 500g bricks of DCL. Our club does group purchases and we divide it up with the vacuum sealers. For most of us this is all we use, and several of the guys have won many medals with the beers made with this yeast.
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Re: Vacuum Sealer Mar 10th 2004, 11:00 pm
What is DCL Yeast?
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Re: Vacuum Sealer Mar 18th 2004, 07:17 am
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Re: Vacuum Sealer Feb 12th 2005, 09:45 am
Also use food saver for storing hops. They usually come in an foil pouch. I use the foil pouch, and put it into a food saver bag, and suck the air out. It ends up being like a little brick. The foil pouck still has the aau info on it , and the hops are protected from light and air. Keep them in the freezer. I buy the vast majority of my hops in 1 # packages. Big savings !!!
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