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Tips: Bottling

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Submitted by: Anonymous on March 22nd, 2003

When using primetabs it's a good idea to add them after the bottles are full. They have a tendency to foam like crazy so be ready to cap the bottle immediately after adding them.


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Re: primetabs... May 6th 2003, 07:01 pm
The fizzing can actually be your friend, though. I add them after filling the bottle and then wait for the foam to precisely fill the entire neck right up to the rim, then I cap. Admittedly it is easier to time that in my case since I use only Grolsch bottles. But in doing this I expell 100% of the air and have it replaced with Co2 - and that's a good thing.
Comment by: bodensatz reply to comment
Re: primetabs... May 29th 2003, 06:37 pm
I just noticed this too...
A day or two after bottling, gently invert the bottles to evenly distribute the (finally) dissolved sugar. It's so concentrated at the bottom that you can see it swirl around the bottle...
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Re: primetabs... Sep 6th 2005, 08:30 pm
I've tried them a few times....got huge variations in carbonation from bottle to bottle each time. :(
Comment by: Kindred reply to comment