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Warm it up Kris...

Submitted by: Anonymous on December 27th, 2002

If you're ever in need of warming something small, say a yeast starter; try the chemical warmers. Y'know, the "hot hands" or "massage/heating pads". They go for a few hours (mine was 8 hours) and you don't have to worry about using electricity around a potential liquid mess.


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Re: Warm it up Kris... Dec 28th 2002, 10:15 pm
I would be a bit leary of setting a jar or flask directly on the hand warmer as the high temperature could actually kill your yeast. The hand warmers I use actually reach " a minimum of 104F, avg temp of 135F, and max temp of 156F when used correctly.." which are all too high for yeast. Maybe just keep one in an insulated box with your flask??? Just a thought...
Comment by: royboy reply to comment
Re: Warm it up Kris... Feb 22nd 2003, 06:37 am
I've used a small electric heating pad that came with a gardening seed starter kit with some success. By bungee strapping it to the fermentation bucket, I was able to raise the temp by 4-5 degrees. I would imagine that it would have the same effect on a flask of starter.
Comment by: BlueWaterBrewer reply to comment
Re: Warm it up Kris... Aug 10th 2003, 03:09 am
Or one could wrap the starter jar in cardboard and put it near a halogen lamp or in the sun... :)
Comment by: Ziggy reply to comment
Re: Warm it up Kris... Aug 14th 2003, 03:22 am
Or, as I'm doing now with a strain poached from a bottle of Lindeman's Peche Lambic; put the container in a warm water bath! I'll keep y'all posted on whether or not this strain is any good from the bottle...
Comment by: Ziggy reply to comment