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Calibrate your gear!

Submitted by: mjarvis on August 22nd, 2002

You can save a LOT of time and guesswork by putting in some effort into calibrating the measurements on your brew gear. I'm referring to marking the 1 thru 5 gallon marks on your buckets and maybe even glass carboys, marking up your stirring spoon with marks in 1/2 gal increments. Do you use a scale - if so is it accurate - especially for small amounts like 1/4oz?


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Re: Calibrate your gear! Nov 12th 2003, 03:32 am
I use this method too. Works great. I found little 1,2,3 ect. gallon stickers at a homebrew store and calibrated my glass fermenters. Works great for topping off to 5gals. I have also used fingernail polish on smaller glass fermenters.(I have to do something useful with the million or so bottles my girlfriend has spread around the house) Just an idea.
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Re: Calibrate your gear! Oct 20th 2004, 05:15 pm
Measure your pre and post boil volumes the way the pros do. Use a broom!

When I first took over brewing at a micro a few years ago, I was appalled to find a grungy broomstick hanging along side the brew kettle. But before long I began to really appreciate this low tech measruing device.

Since itís not practical to mark calibration lines on the inside of a kettle, and markers on the outside are all but useless, using the Broom handle as a dipstick works great to measure volume.

For a homebrewer, measuring pre and post boil volumes are critical. You can use a length of dowel rod with measurements notched or burnt into it as your dipstick. Of course you need to calibrate it in advance.

Your first thought may be that this method is entirely unsanitary. But remember, you are only measuring very hot (almost boiling) wort so sanitation isnít an issue.



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