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Tips: Extract brewing

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Avoid Scorching

Submitted by: Rob on July 23rd, 2002

When your brewing water comes to a boil, remove the kettle from the heat before adding the malt extract. This will help to avoid scorching the malt which might settle directly above the heat source as you pour the extract into the kettle.


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Re: Avoid Scorching Sep 7th 2002, 04:46 pm
Since I'm too lazy to re-light my propane burner, and don't feel like moving an extremely hot brew kettle, I just get my wife to pour while I stir, or vice versa. Good tip, nonetheless.
Comment by: mackk reply to comment
Re: Avoid Scorching Oct 19th 2002, 07:37 pm
If you preheat your extract in warm water and begin to swirl the boiling water prior to pouring in the extract, You can not only get the extract to pour easier but you can keep it in suspension while it pours out of the can thus avoid scorching it on the bottom of the pot.
Comment by: Chuck Ferguson reply to comment
Re: Avoid Scorching Mar 13th 2003, 02:15 pm
Another good way to avoid scorching is to use dry malt extract instead of liquid. Dry extract will dissolve into the water as you slowly add it while stirring. Liquid tends to sink right to the bottom of the pot, even as you stir.
Comment by: BriarHillBrewmeister reply to comment
Re: Avoid Scorching Aug 20th 2003, 09:57 pm
I posted my tip in the wrong place, so i'm gonna post it again. When setting up your brew pot place the lid(any flat piece of metal/1/4 or less) upside down on you burner and the set your brew pot on top and fire it up. Make it very hard to burn anything. I use use this method when I make Maple Syrup, and haven't burnt a batch yet.
Comment by: thefatman67 reply to comment
Re: Avoid Scorching Apr 28th 2005, 05:36 pm
we do the same as above fiance stirs i pour. but prior to pouring in of the malt extract i sit it in bowl of warm tap water while waiting for boil to come on. pours really easy then.
Comment by: gabe reply to comment