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Re: Use a wort chiller to save time Jun 16th 2005, 05:23 pm
(for a >5 gal boil) I place my brew pot into a sink filled with ice water, add bag of (store bought) ice to the wort and stir the wort. As long as you keep the wort in motion, the much hotter wort (at the center of the pot) will circulate and contact the cold edges of the brew pot. When the temp reaches 95-100F add to primary and fill remainder with cold water to reach 70-75F. I consistently reach 'pitch' temp in >30 min. It's the same principal as a wort chiller (the hot wort contacts the cold sides of the brew pot, and the pot/ice water absorbs the heat), but without the additional equipment, sterilizing, hassle, etc.
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