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Re: Use a wort chiller to save time Apr 27th 2004, 04:31 pm
I'm not a physicist, but the with just running it through icewater at 32 degrees, and dropping temperature from 212 degrees to reach something close to 75 degrees doesn't sound like it would work. I doubt it is as simple as a linear temperature drop, but asking that bucket of 32 degree water to take the difference between 212 and 75... like I said, I don't know the answer but it sounds more complicated than that.
I'm searching the web trying to find a source of this convoluted copper tubing without any luck. I live in central Texas, so am going to need all I can to cool things down in a couple of months. What I have been doing is filling a 20 gallon trashcan with water, leaving the hose at a trickling rate and dropping my 10 gallon kettle with 8 gallons of wort in it. It just happens to be a perfect fit and the kettle handles rest on the top of the trashcan - when it is full of water. As long as the hose keeps pushing the hot water out, I am at 70 degrees within an hour. I can't advise this because moving a heavy kettle of wort is dangerous.
Comment by: jschultz

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