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Name Todd Metcalf
Email Address
Geographic Location Essex, Vermont, United States
Homepage None Listed
Brewing Information
Number of years homebrewing 10
Batch Size 5-10
Experience Level Advanced
Favorite beer style to brew porter
Mini Interview
My first homebrew... Tasted a friend's brew. My parents then allowed me to use their wine carboy's and stuff.
Homebrewing Story... One time I was going to take a cornie keg to a party. Since I was going to transfer a different batch to a secondary a day later, I decided to store the 5 gals of the iodine sanitize solution in a spare keg to be used on the other batch. I proceeded to force carb the keg for the party... guess what wrong keg, I carbonated the sanitizer.
3 favorite beers My smoked porter
Vermont Pub & Brew Bombay IPA
Long Trail Ale
Why I homebrew... I feel I can make more interesting beer than is what is out there. I can take a commercial beer, study it by looking at clone recipes, and modify it to my liking. Also having two kegs of something you made is kind of cool too.
Brewing Accomplishments 2nd place. Scottish 60 shillings in Vermont homebrew comp (1st time in a competition) Just making good beer, at least I think so, again and again.
Favorite Online Beer Site http://hbd.org/forums