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Name IPAnimal
Email Address
Geographic Location Dorr, Michigan, United States
Homepage None Listed
Brewing Information
Number of years homebrewing 3
Batch Size 5 gallons
Experience Level Intermediate
Favorite beer style to brew IPA's
Mini Interview
My first homebrew... First homebrew was in March of '06. My wife bought me a homebrew kit for my birthday and my first batch was Nutbrown Ale. My favorite beer is India Pale Ale, and all she remembered was the "Ale" part. But regardless, never doing it before, it was good and there hasn't been a homebrew that I haven't liked since.
Homebrewing Story... Nothing real crazy so far. Made a batch of Framboise (raspberry beer) and put them in wine bottles with corks. Came home one night after going out to dinner to find that one of the corks had popped and sprayed beer all over our floor and bar. Thank goodness the force of it rocked it backwards in the wine rack so it was tilting up and didn't spill more. I ended up storing them outside. The cooler air seemed to help and I'd occasionally pull the corks of the ones that were out farther and let it "breath" to relieve the pressure. The bottles seem to have settled fine now.
3 favorite beers IPA - Madhatter(New Holland Brewery), Centennial IPA (Founders)
Oberon (Bell's)
Kentucky Bourbon Breakfast Stout (Founders)
anything I've brewed
Why I homebrew... I started to get into drinking the different beers from the microbreweries and really liked them. My neighbor homebrewed but I never really paid much attention. My wife got me the kit and it's been all downhill from there. I now homebrew because I'll take a homebrew over a regular domestic any day. It's satisfying to make your own beer enjoy it and get rave reviews from friends. And, it's cheaper than buying the good beer in the store. :-)
Brewing Accomplishments Took a bronze in a local '08 Homebrew competition for my ESB. Was one point away from getting into the silver category, so was pretty happy with that. Made the jump to AG in January of '09. Homebrew comp of '09 got a Silver for my Ambrosia RyePA.
Favorite Online Beer Site None Listed