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Name s miller
Email Address
Geographic Location Tucson, Arizona, United States
Homepage None Listed
Brewing Information
Number of years homebrewing 7
Batch Size 5
Experience Level Intermediate
Favorite beer style to brew ales
Mini Interview
My first homebrew... Prepackaged kit from local homebrew shop, Brewer's Best Red Ale- very simple, straightforward recipe. Smoothest Red I've ever tried. What a blast!
Homebrewing Story... Exploding bottles from a Mirror Pond Clone. Thank the Beer Gods it was only 2 bottles! Exploding fermenter from clogged airlock spraying my closet with a strawberry wheat beer. That closet never smelled so good!
3 favorite beers Jubalale,

Why I homebrew... The real question is why wouldn't you hombrew? It's amazing that you can do this from home and come out with a premium beer!
Brewing Accomplishments
Favorite Online Beer Site http://www.tastybrew.com