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Name BeerCzar (aka j)
Email Address
Geographic Location Simi Valley, California, United States
Homepage http://ipb.trainerfamily.net/
Brewing Information
Number of years homebrewing 8
Batch Size 11
Experience Level Advanced
Favorite beer style to brew All
Mini Interview
My first homebrew... OK at best. Lacked flavor and body. The carbonation was overly done. Perhaps that was sanitation as there were many gushers. My buddy loved them. Turned one up most every night. He even shared with his boss.
Homebrewing Story...
3 favorite beers Happy New Beer
Double Bastard
APA's and IPA's
Why I homebrew... Better beer and the time spent with friends along with others that just wonder about this hobby.
Brewing Accomplishments I won't get a DUI as I sample the beer at home ... LOL
Favorite Online Beer Site http://ipb.trainerfamily.net