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Name jason simmons
Email Address jsimmons@beer@.com
Geographic Location woodbury heights, New Jersey, United States
Homepage http://www.angelfire.com/scary/drunkards
Brewing Information
Number of years homebrewing 3
Batch Size 10gal & 38bbl
Experience Level Advanced
Favorite beer style to brew experimental
Mini Interview
My first homebrew... my first brew was with mr. beer and we drank mst of it before it got out of the bottling bucket the rest was primed with table sugar cause thats what it called for then i was woke up by them exploding
Homebrewing Story... I made a cereal ale made from may boxes of cereal as my "grain Bill". the mash stuck cause it was so thick then it all ran through the lines turing into 7 gallons of slop that i had to let sit and settle out. me and my friend got several 2nd degree burns and it was just a mess
3 favorite beers troegs hop back ale(anything by troegs realy)
dog fish heads 120 ipa (anything by dog fish head)
and homebrew from some of the local cats around my town
Why I homebrew... its so much fun and i can do whatever i want to it
Brewing Accomplishments completed a 5 Course consisting of 5 classes on brewing at the Appalachian Brewery in Harrisburg PA. i worked at flying fish brewery in NJ on the bottling line for 6 months then went to Red Bell brewery in Philly and was there for 2 years as head brewer. I left Red Bell to brew at Appalachian Brewpub in Harrisburg PA where I curently work i won the crazy horse award from Manayunk breweries "beat your brewmasters beer comp".
Favorite Online Beer Site http://www.abcbrew.com