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Name Jim Edelstein
Email Address Jim.edelstein at gmail dot com
Geographic Location Phoenicia, New York, United States
Homepage None Listed
Brewing Information
Number of years homebrewing 3
Batch Size 5 Gallons
Experience Level Intermediate
Favorite beer style to brew Stout
Tastybrew Journal URL http://www.tastybrew.com/journal/jedelstein
Mini Interview
My first homebrew... Just Stout
Homebrewing Story... During my first attempt at brewing, I tried brewing all 5 Gallons on my home range. I didn't realize how long it would take to boil 5 gallons, drank a 6 pack of brooklyn monster ale (an excellent barely wine) while waiting, added malt extract then woke up several hours later on the couch, house reaking of burnt malt and 2 gallons boiled off. Ended up dumping the ruined wort in the yard :-(
3 favorite beers Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout (Imperial Stout)
Huricane Kitty (IPA from Keegan's Ale, a local brewery in Kingston NY)
Why I homebrew... 1) Fun, 2) Unique Beers, 3) Challenge, 4) Cost Savings (drink a lot of real beer)
Brewing Accomplishments Well it's not an award or anything but everyone who tasted my latest batch of "Barn Floor" Stout said it was the best stout they ever tasted (and it was 7%+ ABV :-). Of course it didn't last a week due to overwhelming demand...
Favorite Online Beer Site http://www.tastybrew.com