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Name Zach Wheeler
Email Address
Geographic Location Newark, Delaware, United States
Homepage None Listed
Brewing Information
Number of years homebrewing 2
Batch Size 10
Experience Level Advanced
Favorite beer style to brew Alcoholic ones lol
Mini Interview
My first homebrew... Simple brewers best Irish Stout that came with my equipment from midwestsupplies
Homebrewing Story... I'm so excited to brew I cant turn out the beers fast enough. I need more carboys. I seriously do have batches of ingredients waiting for a home.
3 favorite beers Yakima Twilight
Golden Monkey
Donnybrook stout, Did I mention I love Victory beers? Probst!
Why I homebrew... Because beer is good and therfore I shall brew it That and because i can.
Brewing Accomplishments no yet just good times
Favorite Online Beer Site http://midwestsupplies.com