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Name Danny
Email Address d_buck63@yahoo.com
Geographic Location Long Beach, California, United States
Homepage None Listed
Brewing Information
Number of years homebrewing 2
Batch Size 5 gallons
Experience Level Intermediate
Favorite beer style to brew Pale ale
Mini Interview
My first homebrew... Brown ale from an extract recipe provided by my LHBS. Brewed it with a buddy at his house- he had the experience (and the equipment).
Homebrewing Story...
3 favorite beers Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
Old Rasputin
Sam Adams Boston Lager
Why I homebrew... Best case scenario: you end up with 5 gallons of incredible beer. Worst case scenario: you end up with 5 gallons of beer. Why wouldn't I do this?
Brewing Accomplishments Convincing my wife that this hobby deserves the space it requires
Favorite Online Beer Site www.tastybrew.com