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Name Bryan Peretto
Email Address bperetto(a.t)kotmf.com
Geographic Location Coventry, Connecticut, United States
Homepage http://www.TwinHillsBrewery.com
Brewing Information
Number of years homebrewing 9
Batch Size 5 to 45 Gallons
Experience Level Advanced
Favorite beer style to brew Celtic beers
Tastybrew Journal URL http://www.tastybrew.com/journal/BryansBrew
Mini Interview
My first homebrew... A spice-filled nut brown ale for the holidays. I bottled on XMas eve 2002. Very clean and smooth, a little over spiced. It was the only kit I have ever used.
Homebrewing Story... Less thinky, more drinky
3 favorite beers Scottish ales, Stouts, Lambics, Belgian Dark Strong, Oktoberfests. Oops- only 3?
Why I homebrew... I love to cook, I love beer, I like designing things, and I am an avid gardener. Homebrewing lets me combine all of these things into one tasty hobby.
Brewing Accomplishments About 30 Ribbons- see my website for a count (I stopped entering years ago). Member of the Knights of the Mashing Fork. Certified BJCP Judge.
Favorite Online Beer Site http://www.KotMF.com