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Name Richard Gale
Email Address uniace300@yahoo.com
Geographic Location Swindon, Wiltshire, United Kingdom (England)
Homepage None Listed
Brewing Information
Number of years homebrewing 4
Batch Size 5 gals Imperial
Experience Level Expert
Favorite beer style to brew Irish dry stout
Tastybrew Journal URL http://www.tastybrew.com/journal/Bopper
Mini Interview
My first homebrew... All grain -Maris Otter and Goldings hops(kent)Golden in colour.... Single Infusion mash.... with late hopping...OK
Homebrewing Story... If you are going to brew British style beers,keep things simple..eg.. Grain.. No step mash. I live a mile from Arkell's Brewery and mile from Archer's and 20 miles from Wadworth's and 4 miles from local brewing shop..Arkwight's. If i wanted to do some heavy brewing i could go to Warminster Malter's.
3 favorite beers Guinness
My Geale's Wheat Lager
Why I homebrew... Just for fun and let everyone else drink it.
Brewing Accomplishments Just brewed a nice Guinness clone(well as i thought)...My friend is stout drinker and said it was exactly the same as Murphy's Irish Stout. Brewed a Geale's real ale, a true example of british ale.
Favorite Online Beer Site This one