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North Side Cider Extract
ABV2.80 %
BJCP Style
26B. Cider, New England-Style Cider
Great hard cider, made from a local orchard. I am a bit disappointed to see a lack of good cider recipes that are made from legit pressed (seasonal!) cider, so I decided to share this.
Submitted by two_squirrels on 12-Nov-2012

Recipe Details
Tasting Notes Out of the primary, sweet but not cloyingly so, great apple taste and aroma, slight pie-like character which I suspect is from the belgian ale yeast. 2 weeks in secondary at 34F before I keg and force-carb. Should be ready for the holidays.
Boil Volume 2.50 gallons
Boil Time 0 minutes
Batch Size 5.25 gallons
Yeast wl550 (75% app. attenuation)
Primary Fermentation Glass, 21 days
Secondary Fermentation Glass, 14 days at 34F
Other Fermentation
Procedure 5 gallons of unpasteurized/no preservative local cider. Did a quick pasteurization in 2 batches (2.5 gallons each, adding 2.5lbs of sugar mix to each batch). Heat to 140 and hold for 10 min, cooled in 5-gallon keg in an ice bath. Pitched at 70F. Added yeast energizer to assist fermentation. Took a reading/taste at 2 weeks: gravity was 1.02, still way too sweet. An extra week in the primary made all the difference. OG 1.098, FG 1.011. Its very boozy (almost 12%), but very small amount of alcoholic heat. No option for Apple cider in the list of fermentables, so the estimations for ABV are no bueno.
  Style Comparison
  Low   High
OG 1.061 1.033 1.105
FG 0.990 1.011 1.010
SRM 3 1 5
ABV 7 2.80 14
% Weight Weight (lbs) Grain Note Gravity Points Color
80.0 % 4.00 Cane sugar 26.3 1.0
20.0 % 1.00 Brown Sugar 6.4 2.0
  5.00     32.7  
% Wt Weight (oz) Hop Note Form AA% AAU Boil Time Utilization IBU
  0.00               0.0