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Carboy Death Tribut Stout Extract
ABV6.20 %
BJCP Style
16B. Stout, Sweet Stout
I named it so because I broke my glass carboy while I was rinsing it out after the primary was done and it happened to be my only batch in it. I am not sure the original gravity reading because I didn't get an accurate reading but when I calculated it it came out to be around 1.076 so somewhere between 1.070 and 1.076 is about right. My apparent attenuation was about 71% and I am assuming the brew turned out to be 6.7. Sure felt like it..... It's probably in the 6.2-6.7 ABV range.
Submitted by Hopper5000 on 09-Feb-2011

Recipe Details
Tasting Notes This is a serious stout in both flavor and alcohol content. Very rich and malty with a mildly sweet molasses taste. Its not too sweet, though, because I am not a fan of super sweet beers. It has a very nice bitterness to it as well. This is not one that is able to be consumed quickly.
Awards None, but everyone I have given it too says it is amazing (I am really not one to boast...)
Boil Volume 4.00 gallons
Boil Time 60 minutes
Batch Size 5.00 gallons
Yeast 1 packet, Nottingham Ale yeast (dry) (75% app. attenuation)
Primary Fermentation 3 weeks, glass
Secondary Fermentation 12 days, glass
Other Fermentation None
Procedure I steeped the Roasted Barley, Black Patent, Crystal 120L, and Rolled oats in 2 to 2.5 gallons of water at 165F for 30min. Sparge with 1 to 1.5 gallons of water at 170F but leave enough room for extract so it doesn't overflow! I also boiled the 1lb of corn sugar in about 2 cups of water about 15 min before the boil was done and added it in at 10min before the boil was completed to prevent caramelizing of the sugar.
  Style Comparison
  Low   High
OG 1.035 1.070 1.066
FG 1.010 1.022 1.022
IBU 20 48 40
SRM 50 35+
ABV 3 6.20 5.6
% Weight Weight (lbs) Grain Note Gravity Points Color
54.5 % 6.00 Dark Malt Extract Syrup 30.6 80.0
18.2 % 2.00 Dark Dry Malt Extract 12.6 80.0
9.1 % 1.00 Corn Sugar 6.9 0.0
9.1 % 1.00 Rolled Oats 3.8 2.2
4.5 % 0.50 Crystal 120L 2.2 120.0
2.3 % 0.25 Roasted Barley 1.1 450.0
2.3 % 0.25 Black Patent 1.1 500.0
  11.00     58.2  
% Wt Weight (oz) Hop Note Form AA% AAU Boil Time Utilization IBU
71.4 % 1.25 Northern Brewer Adjust as necessary for AA% Pellet 6.9 8.6 60 0.052 44.7
28.6 % 0.50 Cascade Pellet 6.6 3.3 5 0.009 3.1
  1.75               48.0
Miscellaneous Ingredients
Weight/Units Name Notes
1 whirfloc tablet add 30min into boil
3/4 cup corn (priming) sugar add for bottle conditioning