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Unhopped - Gruit Ale All-grain
ABV7.70 %
BJCP Style
22. Spice/Herb/Vegetable Beer, Spice/Herb/Vegetable
Tweaked a recipe I found on Gruit was popular in the olden days before hops came along and uses a few primary herbs as preservative agents. Retains much of the herbal characteristics.
Submitted by GruitMeTender on 09-Jun-2010

Recipe Details
Tasting Notes Definitely different. Huge malt, an astringent bitter and a strong herbal character (think "earthy" sweet). Smells like the stuff that went into it. Don't boil all of the herbs or the subtle aromas will be destroyed. I boiled half of each herb for the preservative properties and used the other other half as one would flavoring/aroma hops. Experiment with juniper, chicory, orange peel, thyme, rosemary. Hell, throw some bacon in pre-boil and you'll have yourself a good time. Many of the recipes I've seen have vanilla in them. Not an 'everyday' beer but good once in a while. This brew had very little head development and retention. Will be brewing again, though with less herbs.
Boil Volume 7.00 gallons
Boil Time 60 minutes
Batch Size 5.00 gallons
Yeast White Labs Irish Ale WLP004 (0% app. attenuation)
Primary Fermentation Plastic, 1 week
Secondary Fermentation Carboy, 2 weeks
Other Fermentation
  Style Comparison
  Low   High
OG 1.071
FG 1.011
SRM 20
ABV 7.70
% Weight Weight (lbs) Grain Note Gravity Points Color
61.5 % 8.00 British Two-row Pale 45.6 2.5
23.1 % 3.00 American Crystal 60L 15.3 60.0
15.4 % 2.00 American Munich (Light) 9.9 10.0
  13.00     70.8  
% Wt Weight (oz) Hop Note Form AA% AAU Boil Time Utilization IBU
  0.00               0.0
Miscellaneous Ingredients
Weight/Units Name Notes
2.0oz Yarrow (preferably with flowering tops) Boil half, use other half in final 5min
2.0oz Mugwort Boil most, use rest as a flavoring agent
1.5oz Bog Myrtle Boil half, use other half in last 5-15min