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Christie's Double Chocolate Stout All-grain
ABV5.00 %
BJCP Style
16B. Stout, Sweet Stout
If you think this beer is for the non-beer lover, you may be mistaken. My wife took a little taste and was interested but would never drink one herself. This is a beer, and contains hops. Anyone wanting a beer that doesn’t taste like beer, should try some of the excellent fruit-fermented lambics from Lindemans. However this beer will be very appealing to anyone who likes a stout or porter.
Submitted by eriesky on 26-May-2010

Recipe Details
Tasting Notes Double Chocolate pours to a pretty deep black color with very little light reflection. There’s a thick light-brown head that requires a little care in the pour. The chocolate aroma is evident but it doesn’t really leap out of the glass as I expected, rather taking a little more detection. There’s also a definite sign of spicy hop in the nose, something I wasn’t expecting. There’s a slight sign of carbonation on the palate, but the body doesn’t seem too heavy at first, kind of washing over the tongue a little. However the texture does become a little more evident and slowly coats the sides of the mouth. Again, I got the chocolate and burnt caramel malt at the tip of the tongue, but wasn’t particularly overwhelmed by this beer’s premise. The finish is fairly dry, there’s some bitterness, but then the chocolate I had been expecting suddenly became more evident. The chocolate is definitely more noticeable in the aftertaste, combining with the dryness and lingering long somewhere around mid-palate, allowing you to literally chew on it for a while.
Boil Volume 8.25 gallons
Boil Time 90 minutes
Batch Size 7.50 gallons
Yeast Wyeast 1318 London 3 (73% app. attenuation)
Primary Fermentation Glass 7 days
Secondary Fermentation Add Chocolate Extract 7 days
Other Fermentation None
Procedure Recipe Notes 1. Heat 16 quarts of water to 164′F. 2. Stir in crushed grains and mash at 153′F for 60 minutes. 3. Collect 6.5 gallons of wort. 4. Add 1.75 gallons of water and boil for 90 minutes. 5. Add hops at time indicated in ingredient list. 6. Add sugars, Irish Moss and yeast nutrients with 15 minutes remaining in the boil. 7. Dissolve cocoa powder in hot water and add to wort with 15 minues remaining in the boil. 8. Cool wort, aerate and pitch yeast 9. Ferment at 68′F. 10. Add chocolate extract in secondary.
  Style Comparison
  Low   High
OG 1.035 1.052 1.066
FG 1.010 1.013 1.022
IBU 20 33 40
SRM 50 35+
ABV 3 5.00 5.6
% Weight Weight (lbs) Grain Note Gravity Points Color
66.1 % 10.32 British Two-row Pale 36.6 2.5
14.4 % 2.25 British Roasted Barley 6.1 575.0
8.0 % 1.25 British Chocolate 4.0 475.0
6.7 % 1.05 British Crystal 65L 3.3 65.0
4.8 % 0.75 Flaked Barley 2.2 2.2
  15.62     52.2  
% Wt Weight (oz) Hop Note Form AA% AAU Boil Time Utilization IBU
66.7 % 2.00 Fuggles 4.5 Pellet 5.1 10.2 60 0.260 26.5
16.7 % 0.50 East Kent Goldings 4.5 Pellet 5.0 2.5 15 0.129 3.2
16.7 % 0.50 Styrian Goldings 5 Pellet 5.5 2.8 15 0.129 3.5
  3.00               33.0
Miscellaneous Ingredients
Weight/Units Name Notes
18 oz Lactose
12 oz Inverted Sugar
6 oz Cane Sugar
24 oz Cocoa Powder 9 oz Scharffen 15 oz Ghiradelli
.33 oz Liquid Chocolate Extract