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Royal Dark Wheat All-grain
ABV7.10 %
BJCP Style
17B. Wheat Beer, Bavarian Dunkelweizen
A mistake brew, but turned out to be a good "Imperial" Dunkelweizen.
Submitted by switzead on 01-Oct-2009

Recipe Details
Tasting Notes Color was close, carbonation was very low, the beer smelled ruined but tasted very good, alot of thick mouthfeel
Boil Volume 6.75 gallons
Boil Time 60 minutes
Batch Size 5.50 gallons
Yeast Wyeast German Wheat 3333 - starter (75% app. attenuation)
Primary Fermentation 7 days, glass carboy, 68F
Secondary Fermentation 20 days, glass carboy, 68F
Other Fermentation
Procedure Messed up the recipe, Should have been 6.75 lbs-wheat, 3 lbs-munich, 1 lbs-biscuit, and 0.25 lbs-chocolate. The mashing schedule that follows was for this amount not the actual amount that I used. So the mash was a little thicker than what it should have been. About 1.33 qts/lb. Yeast starter began on 6/1/09 - 8pm - 2 qts of water, 2 cups DME, 1 tsp of yeast nutrient. Put on stir plate in cooler at 68F. Yeast was very active the next morning. Added 22 quarts into tun for the Acid Rest, started 6/2/09 around 10:30am. The initial PH after Mash In was around 4.6, temp 98F. After 10 minutes PH was about 4.8, temp 98.7F. After 20 minutes PH was close to 5, temp 99F. After 30 minutes PH was around 5, temp 99.3. After 40 minutes PH was 5.1, temp 99.1F. After 50 minutes PH was 5.1, temp was 98.9. Acid Rest complete. Saccharfication Around 12pm 14 qt. of decoction (almost all grains were removed for decoction) was placed in pot and warmed to 158F in about 30 minutes. The pot was covered and wrapped in a blanket for 15 minutes. The decoction was then brought to boil in another 30 minutes. After a 10 minute boil, some decoction was moved to the Mash Tun to bring the Mash temp to 123F (Protein Rest). The remainder of the decoction continued to boil. Total boil time was 20 minutes. Total Protein Rest was 10 minutes. The remainder of the decoction was moved to the Mash Tun, temp of Mash was only 149F. Moved 6 qt from Mash Tun back into pot and brought to boil again. Once boiling was reached all decoction was placed in Mash Tun. Mash temp was 158F (Beta Amylase). Left at 158F for 15 minutes. Iodine check showed very little starch. Temperature of Mash dropped to 154F and it was left for another 15 minutes. The second idodine check showed no starch. 11 qt were moved to the pot and brought to boil for 5 minutes. After boil all 11 qt were moved back to the Mash Tun to bring Mash temp to 168F (Alpha Amylase) for 10 minutes. Mash Out 9 qt of decoction moved to pot and brought to boil for 5 minutes. 5 qt were moved to Mash Tun to bring Mash temp to 173F for 10 minutes. Remainder of decoction was cooled to 173F and added to Mash Tun. Sparge 7 gallons of water at 170F. Sparged until 6.75 gallons of wort were collected. When sparge was stopped the OG was still 1.018. Many sugars left in Mash. Pre-Boil OG 1.064 Boil began at 4pm, hops were added. Took 35 minutes to cool wort to 73F. Wort was tranfered and stirred. Yeast was added and placed in cooler at 68F at 6:30pm. Post-Boil OG 1.076, color was very close to estimated 15.8. 6/3/09 - Yeast are very active. Yeast backed into bubbler by morning. Bubbles are pushing liquid out the top of the bubbler. Another bubbler was added. Yeast again backed into bubbler by the afternoon. Another bubbler was added and yeast backed into it before I could get a blow off tube rigged up. Blow off tube in place around 6pm. Temperature in cooler around 68F. Worked over the weekend. On 6/8/08 (6 days in primary), moved to secondary. There was no bubbling from the primary before the transfer. Got a full 5 gallon carboy and one 16 oz. bottle from the primary. The gravity of the beer was 1.020. It was cloudy but the about the right color. The beer had good flavor but is still young. Left town on 6/11/09 returned on 6/27/09, power in the house had went out, temperature controller was swinging from 78-85 everyday. Re-adjusted temperature controller back to 68 deg. Neighbors said electricity went out almost 2 weeks ago. So beer was in this swinging state for about 2 weeks. 6/28/09 added 5.2 oz. (by weight) to 2 cups water and boiled. Added beer to priming sugar in bucket and filled 39 - 16 oz bottles. Moved bottles to cooler at 68F. Beer was not as good as it was going into the secondary. Had a grainy feel and flavor. 7/6/09 drank one beer, color was close, carbonation was very low, the beer smelled ruined but tasted very good, alot of thick mouthfeel
  Style Comparison
  Low   High
OG 1.040 1.073 1.056
FG 1.010 1.018 1.014
IBU 10 14 20
SRM 10 21 23
ABV 4.3 7.10 5.6
% Weight Weight (lbs) Grain Note Gravity Points Color
60.6 % 10.00 Wheat Malt Rahr White Wheat 47.5 1.7
30.3 % 5.00 Munich Light Briess Munich 10L 20.1 8.0
6.1 % 1.00 Belgian Biscuit 3.7 23.0
3.0 % 0.50 Chocolate Briess 350L 1.8 350.0
  16.50     73.0  
% Wt Weight (oz) Hop Note Form AA% AAU Boil Time Utilization IBU
100.0 % 1.00 Tettnanger Pellet 4.4 4.4 60 0.233 14.0
  1.00               14.0