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Michigander Perry Extract
ABV6.60 %
BJCP Style
26A. Cider, Standard Cider and Perry
I used free pears from my parents trees, and my Breville juicer for my first attempt at an un-beer. Added fresh pineapple, tart apple, and refined sugar with with gelatin to get it to clear faster.
Submitted by Miller944 on 09-May-2009

Recipe Details
Tasting Notes Started it in September 08' Drinking it in Feb 09' Came out pretty tart. I added turbinado sugar solution and Pottasium Metabisulphate in the keg when I carbonated it to sweeten it slightly. Tastes great, will try a higher ph next time. It took 8tsp of Acid Blend for me to get a 4.0 PH. It came out too tart, so next time I will adjust to around 3.5 PH. I've only made beer before not wine, so this was new to me. I'm adding some mixed berry juice and tart cherry juice in the second keg of this that I carbonate.
Boil Volume 10.00 gallons
Boil Time 0 minutes
Batch Size 10.00 gallons
Yeast Champagne Dry yeast (75% app. attenuation)
Primary Fermentation glass, 2 months
Secondary Fermentation glass, 6 months
Other Fermentation added sugar solution to speed clearing
Procedure OG 13.6 Brix or 1.055 Sp gr_________ FG 6.0 Brix or 1.004____________ ABV 6.5% or more_________ I started with 4-5 5gal buckets of ripe pears and ended up with about 10gal of juice. That was the hardest part. I strained the raw juice through muslin bags to get a much pulp out as possible. Added Sodium and Potassium Metabisulphates, yeast nutrient, acid blend, and some other juices with a significant acid content. I tried Rhubarb, pineapple, tart apples, and even some white tea. It took a good 6-8 months before half of it was clear and ready to rack off. It's been nine months and I still have a few gallons left that I'm trying to get to clear.
  Style Comparison
  Low   High
OG 1.045 1.055 1.061
FG 0.990 1.004 1.012
SRM 3 3 12
ABV 4.5 6.60 7
% Weight Weight (lbs) Grain Note Gravity Points Color
100.0 % 16.40 Light Dry Malt Extract not used, eq. of juice was used 55.4 2.0
  16.40     55.4  
% Wt Weight (oz) Hop Note Form AA% AAU Boil Time Utilization IBU
  0.00               0.0
Miscellaneous Ingredients
Weight/Units Name Notes
4 buckets Ripe Pears to juice tart pears are best
12 stalks Rhubarb to juice helps lower PH
10 lb Tart Apples to juice
2+ tsp Pectic Enzyme helps pulp clear
2-4 tsp Acid blend increase PH as
2+ tsp Fermax yeast Nutrient needed in Perry
2 tsp gelatin in secondary