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Fallen Apple Brown Ale All-grain
ABV7.50 %
BJCP Style
21. Fruit Beer, Fruit Beer
A fairly dry Southern English style brown ale brewed to winter warmer strength and flavored with apple cider and mulling spices.
Submitted by TaylorMadeAK on 17-Sep-2007

Recipe Details
Tasting Notes
Awards I've never entered any competitons
Boil Volume 5.00 gallons
Boil Time 60 minutes
Batch Size 4.00 gallons
Yeast White Labs, WLP005, British Ale (74% app. attenuation)
Primary Fermentation Glass, 14 days
Secondary Fermentation Glass, 14 days
Other Fermentation Bottle Conditioning, 6 weeks+
Procedure Mash all grains at 155?F according to your own mash system schedule. Sparge and collect 5 gallons of wort, bring to a boil, and add all hops. Expect to lose one gallon to boiloff and kettle/chiller dead space (adjust as necessary for your system), what's important is that you collect 4 gallons of wort after the boil. Add spices and Irish moss (or Whirfloc?) for the final 15 minutes of the boil. Chill and transfer to primary fermenter on top of one gallon of pasteurized, preservative and additive free apple cider or juice. Make sure you check your OG AFTER mixing the wort with the juice, it should be up around 1.070-1.072 (assuming your juice by itself was 1.050-1.052). Pitch yeast starter slurry and primary ferment at 70?F for 1-2 weeks, then rack to secondary and fine with 1 tsp gelatin dissolved in .5 cup hot water. Allow this to settle out for 2 more weeks, then bottle and condition for at least 6 weeks. This beer reaches its peak flavor after one year in the bottle.
  Style Comparison
  Low   High
OG 1.066
FG 1.008
IBU 28
SRM 18
ABV 7.50
% Weight Weight (lbs) Grain Note Gravity Points Color
64.9 % 6.00 British Two-row Pale 42.8 2.5
10.8 % 1.00 Cane sugar 8.6 1.0
5.4 % 0.50 German Munich 3.5 8.0
5.4 % 0.50 Belgian CaraMunich 3.1 75.0
5.4 % 0.50 CaraPils 3.1 1.8
5.4 % 0.50 American Wheat 3.7 1.7
2.7 % 0.25 American Chocolate 1.4 350.0
  9.25     66.0  
% Wt Weight (oz) Hop Note Form AA% AAU Boil Time Utilization IBU
66.7 % 1.00 Goldings Whole/Plug 5.0 5.0 60 0.225 21.1
33.3 % 0.50 Czech Saaz Whole/Plug 3.1 1.6 60 0.225 6.5
  1.50               28.0
Miscellaneous Ingredients
Weight/Units Name Notes
1.00 Gal Apple Cider/Juice Pasteurized, no preservatives, added to primary fermenter.
0.25 oz Allspice Cracked roughly.
0.25 oz Star Anise Whole.
1.00 ea Cinnamon Stick Broken up.
1.00 tsp Irish Moss Or one Whirfloc? tablet.
1.00 tsp Gelatin Secondary fermenter fining.