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Bopper's MURPHY'S IRISH STOUT All-grain
ABV5.20 %
BJCP Style
16A. Stout, Dry Stout
Dry irish stout,brewing for a Guinnes clone Excellent recipe..Im not a drinker,but this was good.
Submitted by Bopper on 15-Jan-2006

Recipe Details
Tasting Notes My friend is stout drinker and he said he could not taste the difference between this and real thing. Excellent recipe..Im not a drinker,but this was good.
Awards Only my own
Boil Volume 0.00 gallons
Boil Time 90 minutes
Batch Size 5.00 gallons
Yeast British Ale(if not irish ale) (75% app. attenuation)
Primary Fermentation 7-9
Secondary Fermentation 7-? better with age
Other Fermentation
Procedure Single mash,single batch(no step)Steep all the grain in water(3 imp gals and 4 us gals)(marris otter-pale,flaked barley,roast barley) for 90 mins at 66c,boil for 90 mins,sparge at 168f until you have enough for your boil... 5.0+ imp gals or 6.0+ us gals,REMEMBER your boil, should be more than your batch size,because of evaporation(eg. need probley 7 us gals to end up with 6 us gals).Cool wort and pitch yeast(carefully follow the instructions),for beginners i would use a dry yeast as liquid yeast is much harder,primary fermenter 7 to 9 days and seconary 7-9+ days,gas with 70% nitrogen and 30% co2 this what gives it a white creamy head,if you have't go Mixed gas then use co2...alternative. corn sugar..table sugar..DME.I have wrote this laymans terms so it could be your first all grain brew.Please let me know your outcome or any problems contact me at : Richard(bopper)
  Style Comparison
  Low   High
OG 1.035 1.054 1.050
FG 1.007 1.014 1.011
IBU 30 0 50
SRM 40 35+
ABV 3.2 5.20 5.5
% Weight Weight (lbs) Grain Note Gravity Points Color
70.0 % 7.00 British Two-row Pale Pale Maris otter,6 row 39.9 2.5
20.0 % 2.00 Flaked Barley British(if avail) 9.6 2.2
10.0 % 1.00 British Roasted Barley British(if avail) 4.4 575.0
  10.00     53.9  
% Wt Weight (oz) Hop Note Form AA% AAU Boil Time Utilization IBU
100.0 % 1.50 Northern Brewer Whole/Plug 6.9 10.4 1.30 0.000 0.0
  1.50               0.0