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By mchlwlcx on Feb 5th 2011, 5:44 pm Permalink
So for chirstmas last year (2009) I got a Mr. Beer home brew kit and instantly fell in love. I "brewed" alot of batches using my Mr. Beer home kit. I loved it but it was lacking one very important thing, the ability to create your "own" beer. So i broke down and bought a starter kit with recipe kit from my local homebrew shop. Now i am not made of money so this was a very big purchase for me. Needless to say, my wife was not exactly happy with it but in my defense I needed something to keep me occupied. hahaha This was my gateway drug. I found myself buying clone kits and regular kits. So far I had been very satisfied following instructions and creating brews that thousands of other people make every day. It was still lacking that personal touch that screams "THIS IS MINE AND I MADE IT ON MY VERY OWN! NO ONE ELSE OUT THERE HAS MADE IT!". Well I know that no matter what permutation I try to make of beer, someone, somewhere has already made it. But i wanted something that was mine. So this christmas (2010) i was over my cousin's house for a party amd tried yuengling black and tan. I fell in love. So I purchased a porter and a lager kit that was a clone of yuenlging lager and a yuengling porter. Well long story short, I thought that the lager kit was contaminated. I just found out today that it was not. I have long since drank the porter (which I thought was absolutely delicious). So tonight, a friend and mine will bottle the yuengling clone. But this leads me to my first "personal" beer that i brewed last weekend. I decided to make a porter because I loved the porter I had made before. Well right now it is sitting in my secondary fermenter. I used 9 oz. black patent malt, 7 oz. chocolate malt, 1 lbs 60L crystal malt, 3.3. muttons dark liquid malt, 3.3 muttons light malt, 1 lbs dry amber malt, ginger, 3 oz cascade hops, 1 oz halleratue hops, and whitelabs english ale yeast. I am very excited about this. This is going to be my very first "me" batch. I know that it was kind of premature but I entered into a beer competition with this beer. I have more than enough time to brew two more batches of this if it lacking or too strong in some areas. I will post back here in a few weeks to let everyone know how the yuengling clone worked out and how "my" batch worked out. I know that being a beginner brewer is very hard, as I am still going through it. If anyone, I mean anyone has ANY info or help in making me a better brewer, then let me know. Please. I have found something that I feel is going to be a lifelong lesson and i urge anyone who is thinking about start to just do it. It is one of the most fullfilling hobbies I have ever had.