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By Ssandrochiavaro on Jul 24th 2011, 9:39 pm Permalink
My Home Brewing year.

Being new to this community, I have done nothing , so fare,to share my intake on the art or to promote my skills to others. I have been pretty obsessive about brewing since I started. the funny thing is that I was warned about this by a friend that use to brew a lot and stopped because of the direction life took him at the time. We still enjoy a good brew together once in a while, if the stars and the moon are lined up and we can find each other in the same room with a few bottles or a taped keg, I'll see the spark in his eye and the night will be full of passionate discussions about carbonation level or hop profile.

Although my friend never really gave me any specific advices, others did, like my boss, or at my local home brew store crew. They all have generously open the doors of their knowledge and invited me to be the best brewer I can be. I feel that I finally have started to understands more and more(after 100 of hours of youtube video watching about styles of beers,yeast, flavors and grain combinations and brewing techniques.
My last batch of "Yeaster Island IPA" was pretty successful and the feedback a received only elevated the level of passion for the craft. I am not saying that very one was in love with my product, but every one told me that they had never had a fresher or such a unique beer before. That is more important to me than anything else. In a world of commercial breweries and poor quality of the final product, I see the ridiculous amount of labor,research effort and money I put into this passion can only do two positive things. One, make people happy by creating a unique experience. Two, elevate the art of brewing in the world. I say the world because I did take a home brew to my family in Switzerland last time we visited, and introduced my parents to flavors they never knew existed in beer. Like me and other of my friends, my parents out look on a bottle of beer as changed for ever. It's like drinking a good wine after years of palate pollution with cheap box wine.

Not every one will go out of their way to buy good/expensive beers,but knowing is like a curse, you can never ignore the flavors and amazing tasting brews you have tried as you are drinking a mediocre and common one.
I am nursing a Honey IPA in secondary at this very moment and their is a 10.5 lbs of grain and fresh Belgian yeast in m fridge,waiting for me to get busy with it.
What can I say, it has been an amazing last 6 months of discovery and I am looking forward to the other half of this first year of home brewing.

If you wish to learn and create amazing and unique beers on your own, this is the time to do it. Their is a revolution out their, shaking every established corporate brewery around the world. DON"T STAND STILL.
Happy home brewing. SANTE.