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By JKD on Aug 22nd 2007, 7:10 pm Permalink
Made the 15 gallon batch and what a nightmare session it turned into..
Only managed to get 53% extraction which is down on the last batch.
I put it down to using a new setup that I've only used once before
combined with teething problems with the Speck My2-8000 pump that was
Other than that it's a nice tasting brew which I hope to leave for at least
a month before drinking.
By JKD on Aug 7th 2007, 7:07 pm Permalink
On Friday I'm planning to do a 15 Imp Gal batch using the following:

12.5 Kg Pale Malt
1.5 Kg Flaked Corn
1 Kg Carapils
.5 Kg Carahell
Mashed in 10 Imp Gal at 66C for 1 hour.
Batch Sparged with 10 Imp Gal at 72C.
100 gms East Kent Goldings 4.2%AA for 60 mins
25 gms Hallertauer 2.8%AA 60 mins
75 gms Hallertauer 2.8%AA Finishing
3 Tsp Irish Moss
3 Pks Safale

If My previous calculations for the 10 Gal batch I did at 66% post boil eff are correct
then this should be around 1.055 with a FG of around 1.008 giving 6%+ ABV

If I can get the post boil efficiency above 66% then I'll be most pleased.

The last batch I used Caustic Soda as a sterilizer and cleaner. I have had no off flavours/smells with that batch and so plan to continue using it in every batch hereafter.

By JKD on Mar 31st 2007, 9:58 pm Permalink
Bought 8 11 ltr and 2 18 ltr corny kegs last year and finally got the appropriate equipment needed to start doing closed transfers. It's a marked improvement over the plastic barrels I've used since 1984. In fact I think I'll make the transition to an all stainless steel setup over the next 12 months. Cleaning for one is a cinche and a greater feeling of safety compared to the plastic gear of the past. I'm only ever going to take the cornies up to 30psi which as You know is only 1/4 of their maximum pressure. The one handled 11 ltr cornies are great and are just the right size for lugging around from place to place. I'm looking forward to being able to rack beer twice or even three times in order to get a crystal clear pint. I've rarely used finings other than Irish Moss preferring to rely on gravity to do it's thing. Being a Brit I'm used to real ale and it's higher serving temp so don't suffer from hazes too much. I do however want to do some more lagering as the Zwiets Tatra recipe from Dave Line's book was very nice. If I can recreate that withouth the need for Golden Syrup then I'll be a happy Man.
By JKD on Mar 14th 2007, 11:01 pm Permalink
Brewed a Stout today.
I originally intended to brew an Imperial Russian Stout. However time ran out during the boil and had to call a halt at the five gallon stage.

9lb Golden Promise
13 Oz Chocolate Malt
16.6 Oz Roast Barley
12 Oz Crystal 60L
13 Oz Flaked Barley
15.38 Oz Black Malt
1.75 Oz Challenger 8%
1.5 Mount Hood 3.2%

Will use Yeast cake from the Pale Ale I made Last Tuesday.

By JKD on Mar 11th 2007, 7:22 pm Permalink
Decided to brew a Pale Ale last Tuesday using the following

9 Lbs Golden Promise
2 Oz flaked barley
2 oz crystal 60L
1 oz Tettnang 90 mins
0.62 Tettnang 60 mins
0.62 Tettnang 30 mins
0.62 Tettnang 15 mins
0.62 Tettnang to finish
1 x pkt Nottingham Yeast
1 Tsp Irish Moss

Mashed 4 Imp Gal water at 71C Strike Temp for 2 hrs

Sparged with 3 Imp Gal water at 78C
to collect 6 gals of wort.

Due to my only having 22.5 ltr boilers I boil the first 4.5 Gal with the Hops
for 90 mins and slowly add the remaing wort in stages.
Irish moss in last 15 mins of boil.
Collected 4.3 Gal which was passed through an inline cooler to reduce to pitching temp of 20C
Measured original gravity at 1.052 after adjusting brew length to 5 Gal.
Final gravity is expected to be around 1.012 when I rack into 2 11 Ltr Cornielus Keg.
Bitterness is around 23.7 IBU which I hope is not too low.

As for colour Suds say it should be around 5 SRM.

Post boil efficiency is 81% giving 5.1% ABV which I hope to better on the next brew whatever that may be.