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Subject: messed up
Author: Russell
Jan 18th, 2017
10:37 pm
home brewer for a long time and I messed up. Darn guy.. when I went to cool my wort with the plate chiller I didn't turn on the water to the chiller and the carboy had 90 F water in it. So I just started the water to cool the wort. finished up with 80 F water in my fermenter so I ran it down to the Fermenter box and put it in ( box at 45 F). It isn't cooling down fast enough. I should have just ran the pump backwards to take the hot wort out of the carboy and in to the boil kettle. Then ran it back to the carboy to cool it with the water running.
Jez... when will I ever learn.
Subject: Re: messed up
Author: spargebag
Jan 29th, 2017
12:59 am
Sounds like something I'd do...that's why I keep using my immersion chiller. They may be inefficient but they're foolproof... and 22yrs into this ruse and I still screw up simple stuff.

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