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Subject: Co2 and foam
Author: Zivd
Jan 14th, 2017
3:37 pm
I am a beginner brewing, it's the second time I get my beer without foam and very low co2.
I add sugar corn 5 days before battled.
Anyone I know the reason for that?
Subject: Re: Co2 and foam
Author: StevenB
Jan 14th, 2017
4:19 pm
Just a few questions to get more information. How much sugar did you use? What temperature did you store the bottles to condition at? How long has the beer been bottled?
Subject: Re: Co2 and foam
Author: DConn
Jan 14th, 2017
4:25 pm
Adding corn sugar 5 days before bottling means that it will ferment out and have nothing left to carb your beer. Add the corn sugar when you bottle, not before.
Subject: Re: Co2 and foam
Author: Zivd
Jan 18th, 2017
5:21 pm
Thank you all, I add 150 g corn sugar to 20 l.
The temperature was 22 degrees.
The beer already bottled three weeks.
If it change and I didn't mention it , it's wheat beer.

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