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Subject: Cascade hop question
Author: jjjeff
Aug 4th, 2016
12:00 am
I live in Oregon with really good hop growing environment, I've grown hops for appox. 8 years, but my Cascades have way too much of a grassy smell.
Just curious if I'm water too much, picking too late, or what?
Subject: Re: Cascade hop question
Author: paulb
Aug 4th, 2016
8:50 am
How do you dry them?I've had some turn brown when I dried them,maybe picked them too late?I made frames out of scrap wood and window screen,elevate them on a table on bricks and run a fan on low over them,no problems. This years crop is kicking ass so I'm watching very close for lupulin color and that dry, papery feeling.
Subject: Re: Cascade hop question
Author: DConn
Aug 4th, 2016
2:59 pm
I live in Oregon also and grew Cascades for 14 years. Grassy is often a sign of harvesting too early or improper drying. I've gotten the best results drying by emulating what the hop farms do. Dry at about 135 for maybe 30-60 min. That should be enough.
Subject: Re: Cascade hop question
Author: jtrainer
Aug 7th, 2016
4:34 am
Missing my hop bines, moved so no more. The new owner is cursing me I suspect...

I pulled screens from various windows and put them in my garage for about 15-24 hours. I tried making one of the PVC hop plug devices, I felt I had way too much lupulin remaining on the pvc.

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