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Subject: sna and multi aeration in bw
Author: spargebag
Jun 10th, 2016
2:49 pm
Got a 1115 bw cooking w Thomas hardy yeast (high grav 099)for abt 2wks in my 68 deg cellar. At 3 days I added some fermaid k. And reaerated w a wine degasser and drill. Has been bubbling every 45 sec. Earlier in theweek was stuck at 1060 then dropped to 1054 over last 3 days. Wondering if i risk oxidation if i decide to aerate again. I know this is a slow yeast in fact e pope fermented tha over 6 months in oak barrels rolling them daily and adding yeast 3x during the process. They also bottled WO priming w just enough residual sugar for light carbonation. Their beer went from 1125 to 1134. I'm aiming for 1025 to 1030.
Subject: Re: sna and multi aeration in bw
Author: DConn
Jun 13th, 2016
3:58 pm
I wouldn't aerate at this point. Just be patient.

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