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Subject: BYO lactose
Author: Fox_Island_Brewing
Apr 8th, 2016
3:50 pm
So I started getting pretty serious about cheesemaking the past few months. We got a raw milk subscription and then went on a no-dairy fad diet for a month (not my idea). Ended up making some serious cheddar (literally). However, we also ended up with lots of leftover whey that we were just dumping. The chickens don't seem to care for it and it made the dog vomit everywhere.
I found a recipe for a nordic cheese that basically called for boiling down the whey until the solids were left. I'm not a huge fan of the "cheese," but I did notice that it tastes very sweet. Did I "make" lactose? I feel like I should strain it out and add to a milk stout to test it, but wanted to put this out there in case anyone's already tried it.
Subject: Re: BYO lactose
Author: DConn
Apr 10th, 2016
4:32 pm
Not a chemist, but I don't think you made lactose. And I certainly wouldn't put it in a beer due to the possible putrification factor! Just a SWAG....
Subject: Re: BYO lactose
Author: Fox_Island_Brewing
Apr 10th, 2016
6:03 pm
Sigh... you're probably right.
Subject: Re: BYO lactose
Author: pants
Apr 11th, 2016
8:47 pm
From what I can remember there is normally between 3-8% lactose is in the whey. You would have to process it to get a more pure form of lactose.
Subject: Re: BYO lactose
Author: Fox_Island_Brewing
Jun 24th, 2016
4:55 pm
Any idea what "processing" would entail?

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