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Subject: Bottle Carbonation
Author: TexasZman
Apr 6th, 2016
3:50 pm
Been so long since I brewed, I forgot what an awesome resource this community is.

I purposely used less corn sugar at bottling, as in the past I have experienced over-carbonated beers.
Well, it worked, and this is definitely less carbonated, but to the point that my beer is essentially flat. There's just a slight pfft when opening a bottle.
Bottles have been conditioning well over 8 weeks, so I know time isn't an issue.

Do I have any options at all to save this batch? I sure hope so! I hit every number I wanted, I hit the color and flavor profile I wanted, and the pale ale tastes wonderful!! But, it's flat, and therefore, next to undrinkable. Or at least, it's not very enjoyable.
Subject: Re: Bottle Carbonation
Author: spargebag
Apr 6th, 2016
4:50 pm
Its a pita but I do this when necessary. Uncap all bottles and ram a sugar cube into the neck and immediately recap try not to let the cube fall into the beer b4 u recap as it'll gush. If you think the yeast crapped out sprinkle a few grains of dry into each bottle. This works great.
Subject: Re: Bottle Carbonation
Author: pants
Apr 6th, 2016
9:37 pm
If something goes wrong in conditioning in the past I have:

a) Opened all bottles, poured in to vat and handle accordingly. In your case obvious add priming sugar and re bottle.

b) Open all bottles, add a priming sugar solution if I have reason to believe yeast is comprised add a little yeast along with solution.

c) Do nothing, wait and act like I'm a cider or wine maker. Maybe brewing kriek or a lambic.

d) Force carbonate - either with carbonation tablets or dump in to keg.

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