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Subject: Yeast Starter Temperature Control
Author: JCallicoat13
Mar 10th, 2016
3:25 pm
I'd like to start making yeast starters with a stir plate, but I have a five-year-old daughter, and the only place in the house where I could leave it without her messing with it is the basement, which is about 62-65 degrees F, year round. Should I consider doing something to warm up the starter if it's going to be made in the basement? Thanks for any help!
Subject: Re: Yeast Starter Temperature Control
Author: DConn
Mar 10th, 2016
4:19 pm
Nope, that's fine. A bit warmer couldn't hurt, but I do my starters at room temp and it's right about that range. FWIW, I've stopped using my stir plate in favor of a 1 qt. starter pitched at high krausen. I've been getting results at least as good as with a stir plate and it's easier.

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