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Subject: Acidic/Metallic Flavor
Author: Hecktorb
Mar 4th, 2016
7:58 pm
So my last 3 batches (Milk Stout, Brown ale and Dunkelweizen) have developed this acidic somewhat metallic flavor after. What could be the reason for this?

I recently installed a filtration system to use tap water for my brews, could my tap water be fucking with my beers?
I've also noticed that this off flavor comes out after kegging and/or after bottling.
Yesterday I kegged 1 of the batches I and tasted it and I got a hint of the off flavor, hooked the keg to the CO2 to carbonate, today I took a sample and the acidic flavor took over the beer.

I think its the water because that is the only thing that has changed from my brewing process. Also plan on changing beer lines, siphon, plastic fermenters but its kinda weird that this happened with all 3 batches that were brewed with the new filtration system. Definetly sending a water sample to the lab just want to get a POV on wether this could be it or if are there any other reasons why this might be happening before i spend $300 on the lab test

Subject: Re: Acidic/Metallic Flavor
Author: Longshot
Mar 6th, 2016
6:33 am
$300 seems like a lot for a lab test. Ward Labs does a minerals test for brewing water for around $25. What test are you getting done?
Subject: Re: Acidic/Metallic Flavor
Author: spargebag
Mar 11th, 2016
6:59 pm
Sounds like an infection... save ur $ on the water test. If it were the water you'd taste the issue in primary and it wouldn't keep getting worse. Bacteria and wild yeasts can create acidic and metallic tastes. I would start w siphon hose as ur getting the taste in bottles and kegs. Some ppl keep their hoses forever but I'm a germophobe and regular replacement is cheap insurance.

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