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Subject: High PH?
Author: Russell
Feb 9th, 2016
8:39 pm
I brewed a Munich Helles with Wyeast Urquell lager 2001.
I just bought a PH meter and found that at 10 minutes into the mash it was 5.7 and after the boil into the carboy it was 5.9 at 50 Degrees F . I know this is high so I would like to know how it will effect my beer and if I can adjust it in the carboy (50 degrees F) before I pitch my yeast (50 degrees F also). They are both sitting in the Fermenter chamber where it is stabilizing the temp.
I did put some Gypsum in at 10 minutes into the mash.
Subject: Re: High PH?
Author: DConn
Feb 10th, 2016
4:37 pm
Gypsum is kind of an odd choice for a helles, but that's not your question...

You could add some lactic or phospohoric acid to the fermenter to bring it down.

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