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Subject: Brrr hop additions
Author: jjjeff
Nov 30th, 2015
1:10 am
Hey, think I've got the grain bill pretty much figured out on a Widmer Brrr clone I'm trying to brew, I just need a little help with hop selection and times. I do 5 gal. batches and what I've have to work is Cascade leaf, Warrior pellet, Centennial pellet and Simcoe pellet. I can use some of those or all, any help would be great. Thanks ahead of time, Jeff
Subject: Re: Brrr hop additions
Author: Oly
Dec 1st, 2015
6:51 am
You've got what you need: they use Alchemy to bitter and Cascade+Simcoe for flavor/aroma. Your Warrior will be a fine sub for alchemy and you've got the rest. I've tried this a few times, used combinations of Cascade/Simcoe additions from 15 minutes on down to flameout. I did 50/50 at each addition and it was pretty close but you can play around with the percentages, it'll be good.

For me the hard part was was the grain bill, care to share what you came up with?
Subject: Re: Brrr hop additions
Author: jjjeff
Dec 2nd, 2015
11:35 pm
Thanks for the response. My grain bill if just stuff I've pulled of the web and what grain I already had. Something like 11# 2-row, 1# Cry. 10, 1# Cry. 80, 1/2 # Carapils and 3oz. chocolate. I really do appreciate your hop info, I'll definitely give that a shot. Jeff. One more thing, Eric do you do a 60 min. or a 90 min.?

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