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Subject: bw carbing extremely slow
Author: spargebag
Nov 8th, 2015
7:13 pm
I bottled a 13% bw 5 gal w 1/2 c sugar and 1/2 pack champagne yeast in July. By mid September there was zero carbonation. When I added a few grains of yeast and recapped a bottle there were a few bubbles in a week. I was going to do this to the whole batch but didn't get around to it before a 2 week vacation. When I returned in early October I popped a bottle and there were a few bubbles. Its still undercarbed and overly sweet for the amt of priming sugar. My cellar drops to 55 in winter.

Should I

A. Pop all the bottles, add champ yeast move to a warm room.
B. Just warm the bottles til they carb as the yeast is working albeit slowly.
C. Leave it alone and expect it to be good next year.

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