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Subject: C02 too cold
Author: Russell
Oct 23rd, 2015
5:37 am
what happens if the C02 in a kegorator or fridge gets too cold?
I try to keep mine at 39 but it gets lower as the fridge runs and higher when it is not running.
So if the C02 gets too cold , like freezing, what will happen?
Subject: Re: C02 too cold
Author: Burp
Oct 23rd, 2015
1:32 pm
The freezing temperature of CO2 is -109.3 F. Don't think your frig will be that cold.
The set serving pressure might vary because the CO2 regulator temperature changes, but if you
set the regulator pressure while the regulator is cold I see no problem the variation should not be too much.
Subject: Re: C02 too cold
Author: Russell
Oct 23rd, 2015
7:28 pm
Thank you for that, I guess I wont worry anymore about it.
Subject: Re: C02 too cold
Author: madmedix
Nov 22nd, 2015
2:04 am
...but check and re-check your fittings from the regulator. Lost a 10 pound cylinder load that way. My fridge was varying +/- 4 degrees at the time between cycles. Ah, those garage-sale finds (!). Since replaced that unit but I can tell you the sound a sealed fridge makes when a tank farts that much volume in one shot sure clears a room fast.

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